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I love technology when it helps.

Are you looking to increase your sales, using a great new lead generation tool?

Among the others, Leadfeeder is what I recommend if you need to identify and track potential leads easily and quickly. You will have the possibility to monitor who visits your website and where they’re from. Isn’t great?


Being aware of who is looking at you, marketing actions can be made with a specific target. This is exactly what we do at DESITA and we usually invite our customers to use this tool to be more active in this competitive market.

Leadfeeder. It’s a kind of magic!


Food, time and business. All good!

Yesterday I had the possibility to do what I like the most; combining business with pleasure.

2013-09-28 12.56.08

I was meeting with a very important and great person to discuss about business and we choose the lunch time instead of any other time in the day in order to relax a bit and not to be bored by the usual meeting in the office. Yes, nothing so new or special maybe but trust me if I tell you that sometimes combining good food, good persons and good times, it really makes your day.

We went to one of my favorite fish restaurant right on the beach which is luckily not observing the season timing. It’s always open and with fresh or quality food. As you can see from the above photo, shot upon arrival, the beach was almost empty and the general atmosphere was really quite. Perfect temperature to eat outside.

Well, we ordered “Passatelli with seafood”. Tasting, light and delicious. And we start talking about business. No wine was requested just to keep the mind clear and to pay full attention to the important subjects.

Yes, one day I will move my office in a restaurant or in a coffee shop.

So, at the end of the story, in few very pleasant hours I’ve been commitment for one project in Canada and one in France. What’s first?

When good food, good persons and good times makes also good business.

Add your own creations to the menu

Tokyo’s Logbar uses iPads to enable its patrons to make their own concoctions and add them to the menu for other guests to buy.

During my daily research on the web I usually find great ideas or new trends that help me to enlarge my professional know-how and related vision but today, thanks to my friend Silvia who forwarded me this news, I’m glad to share with you something which sound to me like a new era of social entertainment or social involvement and why not a new way to make profit.

20130808-130933.jpgHere how it works: “Each customer is handed an iPad Mini upon entering Logbar and is required to create an account and fill out their personal profile before they can use the device. When they do, they can access the bar’s drinks menu, place an order and take advantage of a number of social features, such as liking and sharing their favorite cocktails and chatting with friends and other guests. Each account holder gets a news feed which logs their recent orders, shows them what other people in the bar are drinking and offers recommendations based on their choices. While Logbar stocks many popular cocktails such as Mojitos and Martinis, the platform enables users to make their own cocktails by selecting the glass, alcoholic ingredients, mixers and adornments. They can then order the creation, name it and add it to the menu for anyone else to try.
Important: Creators receive JPY 50 whenever someone else orders their creation.
The video below explains a bit more about the concept:

The system aims to better connect customers through fun, creative activities and communication channels, and the possibility for guests to make money while they drink is certainly a unique one. (source)

Do you think this kind of interactivity could be healthy for the business?

“How to make everyday a sustainable one”

TEDxBocconiU – ReThink: ReInvent the world around you!

2013-02-23 11.19.21First of all, I wish to thank all TEDxBocconiU team for the great event organised and in particular a BIG thanks to Ivana Istochka and Eraldo Cavalli.

I have been one of the 14 selected speakers of TEDxBocconiU and had the pleasure to connect with very interesting and inspiring people from all over the world.

That day I was very sick with temperature and a big cold; even the adrenaline was soft due the very bad feeling. What a bad luck. Invited to that special and prestigious stage and not be able to be at 100%. Trust me, I couldn’t slept the night before. Nightmares.

It was February and Milano was freezing while expecting the snow but thanks to the good marketing actions, lot of people came to the event.

In my speech I’ve tried to summarize three years of activities related to sustainability: the ECOFFEE project, couple of case histories on my daily business, the Progetto ParCO2 project and the Eco Mindful Message Attached t-shirts project. It has been very hard to squeeze everything in about 15 minutes.

Hope you will enjoy the video and the speech in terms of contents and the related meaning. 

And some nice photos.

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In-store marketing and it’s influence on customer spending

Two days ago, I made my second speech of the year.

After the prestigious stage of TED, at the Bocconi University, this was the time to perform at BIFEX, the Beirut International Franchising Forum and Exhibition.

Professional people from allover the GCC countries but also some from oversea, attended to this very well organised event by Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal, to share the Franchising philosophy, new trends and related businesses opportunities.

I wish to thanks the greatness Lebanese Franchise Association people for the very kind invitation and I hope to continue our cooperation as per our talks, checking the possibility of twinning Lebanon and Italy, therefore the LFA with IREF Italia.

For those who couldn’t attended, I’m gladly sharing here my speech presentation. Any questions or feedback are highly appreciated.

2013-04-18 07.02.32

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DESITA ed ECOFFEE sconfiggono la buracrazia

L’Italia è un paese per vecchi. Spesso si ha l’impressione che le parole innovazione e cambiamento siano state eliminate dal dizionario. Tra le tante armi di cui si servono per stroncare sul nascere un processo di trasformazione, la più indisponente è sicuramente la burocrazia, un meccanismo complicatissimo che circuisce, illude e alla fine nega, bruciando idee, progetti, speranze. Ma per fortuna, non sempre.

Nel 2011, durante una campagna marketing di reverse graffiti realizzata dagli amici di GreenGraffiti Italia,  abbiamo ricevuto una serie di multe dal Comune di Rimini per pubblicità non autorizzata e imbrattamento. Prima della campagna si era più volte cercato di contattare i responsabili dei settori Pubblicità e Occupazione Suolo Pubblico del Comune, per capire come pagare eventuali imposte pubblicitarie. La risposta ufficiale del Comune si può riassumere in tre frasi: non è in nessun regolamento, non è pubblicità, non c’è nessuna occupazione del suolo pubblico.
Una risposta non esaustiva ma forti del fatto che un mese prima l’Assessore all’Urbanistica aveva dato il suo nulla osta per un’altra campagna simile, si è giustamente pensato che non ci sarebbero stati problemi.

Abbiamo chiesto consigli a persone vicine all’amministrazione pubblica e ci siamo rivolti ad un avvocato, per rispondere alle accuse: la questione è andata avanti oltre un anno (la sentenza definitiva è stata depositata a settembre 2012) ma alla fine per ambo i procedimenti è stata dichiarata la mancanza di illecito.

Grazie a questo processo, che probabilmente doveva essere un passaggio burocratico obbligato (per l’amministazione), gli amici di GreenGraffiti hanno ottenuto la possibilità di lavorare in totale trasparenza non soltanto sul Comune di Rimini, ma anche su alcuni comuni vicini, come Santarcangelo di Romagna, Cesena e Riccione.

Precisione nell’esporre i nostri dirirtti e tanta pazienza, ci hanno permesso di fare una cosa che raramente riesce: cambiare le regole del gioco.

I never thought of writing about Kellogg’s (temporary ‘tweet’ shop in London)

Oh my God! What a fantastic marketing idea and social media experiment. Don’t you think so? I trust this is a great prove of what very creative brains can do when clients are open minded and ready to try new formulas of market approach.

“The standalone store – thought to be the first to allow customers to pay by tweet instead of money – is being used to mark the company’s move into the savory crisps market and is open until Friday 28 September”. Its’ tomorrow, hurry up!! 

“The temporary store encourages customers to pay for a packet of cereal by tweeting a message about the snack range. As well as the company’s first move into crisps, the shop is also Kellogg’s first venture into the retail arena with its very first dedicated physical space in the UK.
The shop is staffed by a number of iconic Special K girls in red dresses, who will check each customer’s Tweet before handing over the crisps.
The Tweet Shop is lined with hundreds of packs of crisps, a ‘try before you buy’ snacking area and a ‘community notice board’ that captures social media reaction to the unique retail space”. (abstract from Gemma Balmford article. Thanks Gemma)

Bartering is growing as the economic situation is raising and this is both a new way of bartering and a new boundary of Retailing. A tweet for a sample product. Ingenious.             I would love to read the marketing report.

What do you think readers?

Il tuo gelato in un tweet

Ecco i vincitori proclamati dalla giuria presieduta dal grande poeta Davide Rondoni per il concorso che SIGEP ha indetto, chiedendo agli italiani un ‘cinguettìo’ dedicato al gelato artigianale. 

Walter Rossi, avvocato fiorentino (La gelataia di Montelupo/mesce/ crema antica e granella di pistacchio/sorride/ ti guarda/sussurra:/”questo è amore”), Francesco Astolfi, esperto di marketing riminese (Ti ho baciato mentre mangiavi un gelato. Ora so che l’amore ha il gusto di banana) e Agnese Del Prete, impiegata di Latina (Golosa emozione lievemente accarezza timidamente ognun) si sono rispettivamente classificati ai primi tre posti dell’iniziativa di SIGEP che ha chiesto ai propri followers un pensiero di 140 caratteri sul gelato artigianale a @SigepRimini.

Il salone di Rimini Fiera leader al mondo nel dolciario artigianale (la 34a edizione dal 19 al 23 gennaio 2013), ha messo in palio un week end a Rimini per assistere a SIGEP 2013 e 10 kg di gelato al primo, 5 al secondo e 3 al terzo tweet.

Una segnalazione per la loro simpatia anche ad altri tre tweet giunti al concorso di SIGEP:

Giugno. Girovagando Grondo. Girandomi Guardo Giù: Gelateria! Gustoso Gelato Gusto Gianduia. Gnam. Grandioso. (@RiccardoPerini)
Il mondo è pieno di indecisi. Lo capisci dalla lunga fila che il gelataio ha creato chiedendo: Che gusti vuoi? (@MenuettoIT)

Anch’io avevo partecipato con un tweet da leggere come un fosse jingle “gusto fresco e colorato, son innamorato del gelato; crema frutta o variegato, son innamorato del gelato“. Non male, vero?

Gelato. Done by the wind!

In Scotland, the ice cream that does not pollute is an example of how it can be exploited as a source of renewable energy such as wind. In Westertown farm in Aberdeenshire, the ice cream is produced by three wind turbines that can produce about 2.5 MW.

30% of renewable energy is used to power the farm and the rest is sold to Good Energy the leading company in the UK for renewable energy.

In addition to this, the company run by the family Makies produces 10 million liters of ice cream per year sustainable and aim to be one of the greenest business in Britain.

Although the choice of sources and the consequent reduction in CO2 emission, is his strong point, the choices environmental family Makies not seem to end here: many trees have been planted around the farm to encourage the repopulation of wild animals, also the biological waste in the production of ice cream are reused to fertilize the fields where it grows fodder that the cows they say they eat happy. 

What do you think of this “new attitude”? Is green business a real best practice? Well, I personally think, and ECOFFEE is the prove, that the world must change and even a small gesture like having a coffee or an ice cream, could help the cause.

In Italy we love gelato and we have Sigep, the most famous gelato Exhibition in the world. Should we think to improve this important approach and mentality starting from mass event to share the eco-conscious way of life and business?

What do you think my Sigep’s friends?


Do you Eataly?

Many people have called me to ask me a review about Eataly. Many times I said that I would rather not comment, because I have the utmost respect for Farinetti’s vision and his hard work.

However, if I met him personally, a couple of things I would argue willingly.

Eataly is to visit, to live and to understand. For you some pictures of my visit to Rome site. Enjoy.

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