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“How to make everyday a sustainable one”

TEDxBocconiU – ReThink: ReInvent the world around you!

2013-02-23 11.19.21First of all, I wish to thank all TEDxBocconiU team for the great event organised and in particular a BIG thanks to Ivana Istochka and Eraldo Cavalli.

I have been one of the 14 selected speakers of TEDxBocconiU and had the pleasure to connect with very interesting and inspiring people from all over the world.

That day I was very sick with temperature and a big cold; even the adrenaline was soft due the very bad feeling. What a bad luck. Invited to that special and prestigious stage and not be able to be at 100%. Trust me, I couldn’t slept the night before. Nightmares.

It was February and Milano was freezing while expecting the snow but thanks to the good marketing actions, lot of people came to the event.

In my speech I’ve tried to summarize three years of activities related to sustainability: the ECOFFEE project, couple of case histories on my daily business, the Progetto ParCO2 project and the Eco Mindful Message Attached t-shirts project. It has been very hard to squeeze everything in about 15 minutes.

Hope you will enjoy the video and the speech in terms of contents and the related meaning. 

And some nice photos.

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La fine del mondo! – The end of the world!

Norman Cescut

Visto? La fine del mondo non c’è stata. Siete più sereni? Questo fine d’anno in compenso è stato pieno di sorprese, bellissime emozioni. Non sono riuscito a scrivere molto perchè impegnatissimo con il lavoro e me ne dispiace. Impegnatissimo anche perchè ho fatto delle docenze: a degli albergatori prima e a dei futuri operatori di punto vendita poi. E’ stato entusiasmente e mi sono divertito molto. Sotto l’albero ho già trovato un invito come relatore al BIFEX di Beirut e al TEDxBocconiU di Milano. Ancora sono incredulo e sto aspettando dettagli per poter approfondire ed iniziare a prepararmi. Auguro a tutti un sereno Natale, ci vediamo nell’anno nuovo!

See? The end of the world didn’t come. Are you more calm? This end of the year on the other hand was full of surprises, beautiful emotions. I could not write much because busy with work and I’m very sorry about that. Busy because I also did some lecturing: first to hoteliers and to future store operators then. I enjoyed it very much. Under the Christmas tree I’ve already found an invitation as speaker at BIFEX in Beirut and at TEDxBocconiU in Milan. I am still in disbelief and I’m waiting for details to be able to deepen and begin to get ready. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy new year!