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Upcoming Events: our agenda

Here’s a list of all the leading events that we will follow in the next months.

8th-11th September, 2011: Sana, Bologna IT.
15th-17th September, 2011: FCSI FAME Conference, Stockholm SW
8th -12th October 2011: Anuga, Cologne D
16th – 18th October 2011: Qatar International Environment Protection, Doha
17th-19th October 2011:  Green Middle East, Sharjah, UAE
21th -25 October 2011: Host Milan, IT
4th-7th November, 2011: Salone Franchising Milano, Milan IT
9th-12th November, 2011: Ecomondo, Rimini IT
16th – 18th Nomber: Mapic, Cannes FR
22nd-24th November: Diyafa, Qatar
24th November, 2011: Green Awards, London UK
5th-7th December: World Green Tourism, Abu Dhabi

Meeting you will be a great pleasure: just sent me an email norman(at)ecoffee(dot)it to synch our agendas.

Need some customer interaction? Here it goes!

There are many ways to enhance customer experience..Let’s start from the window display, for istance. Technology is helping retailers a lot, and we have found some great examples that we would like to share with you. Not so much to add, just watch and enjoy – and maybe give us your feedback!

Interactive Window Concept made for the module Advanced Interface Design at Hyper Island hosted by North Kingdom

Project for an interactive display window for BNP Paribas, place de l’Opéra, Paris

The Interactive Apple Store in Berlin, Germany.

Does artisanal gelato reduce pollution?

The boom in the consumption of ice cream with local flavours, not only grants to consumers a great taste, but also guarantees that products are fresh and genuine and help to reduce environmental pollution because ingredients come from suppliers located at a very short distance.
Coldiretti informed in fact that it is very important that consumers now have the chance to taste a real pistachio ice cream in the center of Catania (Sicily), or a bergamotto one while walking on the promenade of Reggio Calabria (Calabria) or a wild berries and hazelnuts while in Cuneo (Piemonte).
This was not possibile only a couple of years ago, and we think that the trend is still growing this year too. (Courtesy of