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The Art of display: enhancing customer experience

More businesses are incorporating artful accents to their shops, realizing that customers are more likely to enter and spend more time in a store with artistic retail displays than one with basic white walls and grid-like shelves. Everything from oversized art installations to crafty storefronts are giving retailers attention-grabbing elements that are simply too eye-catching for a customer to ignore.

Created by Kahori Maki, ‘Moon Princes’ begins with the window display and then leaks into the store’s interior space. It’s black-and-white coloring contrasts vividly with the relatively vibrant clothing. The result might be considered overwhelming but it charmes the most adventurous shoppers.

On the opposite, the Valencia Munich store, design by Dear Design studio, is very minimal, yet very impressive. Its all white color, the complex X display structure, seem to expand the display surface at libitum, giving to the full range of Munich Shoes on diplay the deserved importance.

At the famous Merci store in Paris, Aesop has installed a creation designed by the Melbourne-based March studio, which can not passed unnoticed. A wall of stacked Aesop cardboard boxes, held together by a black net, looks like a tornado which is going to wrap over the shopper.

These are only few examples, what is clear is that shoppers now need more stimuli: products are available almost everywhere, what differs is the shopping experience. And art can be the solution. (Credits: Trendhunter)

Need some customer interaction? Here it goes!

There are many ways to enhance customer experience..Let’s start from the window display, for istance. Technology is helping retailers a lot, and we have found some great examples that we would like to share with you. Not so much to add, just watch and enjoy – and maybe give us your feedback!

Interactive Window Concept made for the module Advanced Interface Design at Hyper Island hosted by North Kingdom

Project for an interactive display window for BNP Paribas, place de l’Opéra, Paris

The Interactive Apple Store in Berlin, Germany.