ECOFFEE’s green guerrilla: here’s the proof!!

Well, there is not so much to add to this great video showing the backstage of our ECOFFEE green guerrilla action during last SIGEP. Spread the video, spread sustainability!

4 thoughts on “ECOFFEE’s green guerrilla: here’s the proof!!

  1. Hi, Norman,

    Nice video–but there’s a whole lot more to green guerrilla marketing than putting stencils in public places. I wrote a whole book called Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green (see my weblink), and street tactics are barely mentioned. The book happens to be out in an Italian edition, too, as Guerrilla Marketing Diventa Green.

    Shel Horowitz

    1. Hi Shel,
      Yes there is more, that was just one of our activity, You should get closer to ECOFFEE to be updated.
      I ‘m aware about your book as I’m following you on twitter, anyhow, thanks.
      Have a green day

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