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Paperless Cafés

Getting green while following technology? Sure! Many Cafés are now offering digital newsstand, which are both green and modern, providing people with paper-free updated news at no cost. Here you can find two examples. The big corporation one, Starbucks, and a small Café in Croatia. 

The Starbucks Digital Network has debuted their exclusive content network to further enhance the customer’s in-store experience. Customers who use the free Wi-Fi at more than 6,800 U.S. Starbucks locations will be greeted with the Starbucks Digital Network. As a channel where consumers will be plugged into a variety of reading sections like news, entertainment and business, this Starbucks Digital Network will keep readers engaged and going back to the famous coffee house for more access

On the other side of the Ocean, the Box Coffee Shop in Split, Croatia is replacing its offer of free newspapers with iPads. While each tablet is free to use, there is a security tag to alert baristas of any theft.
The idea is the same, the scale is a little bit different, but what is important is that the message must be clear: less paper, more green. (Credits: Trendhunter)

A consumer point of view on sustainable coffee

Food Retailers sometimes wonder why consumers should have to prefer organic, sustainable coffee instead of the more “known and traditional” brands. We found this interesting article written by Johnathon D. Colman, a coffee snob, who explaines why he chooses sustainable coffee, and it can be summerized with his sentence: life is too short to drink bad caffeine!

Here are some other tips suggested by the Playgreen blog:

  • Look for Organically Grown Coffee
  • Buy Fair Trade Certified Coffee
  • Purchase ‘Shade Grown’ Coffee
  • Buy Locally Grown Coffee 

We think these are all greats article to show to all Food Retailers who are not yet sure that the key to future success in this business is.