Franchising EXPO in Ajman, UAE

I went to Ajman for the Franchising EXPO and I’ve met fabolous people!

Please meet Mr. Omar Al Nuaimi

Norman Cescut and HH Omar Al Nuaimi

From right to left: Mr. Angel M. Gonzalez, Mr. Miguel Angel Parra Lebroto, Mr. Issam Al Tahir, Ms. Muoza Bushehab, Mrs. Barbara Eldbeissy. Great people from all over the world.

11067670_10152847511851545_6905575259578393452_nFrom right to left: Mr. Omar Al-Haza’a, Mr. Issam Al Tahir.

DESITA stand at Ajman Franchising EXPOTwo days of a great Franchising EXPO, good time and an interview about DESITA.

Norman Cescut interview




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