Branded Sustainability Measurement System Save Hilton $74 Million

Global hospitality company Hilton Worldwide says it saved more than $74 million in 2010 across its portfolio of 10 hotel brands as a result of its sustainability measurement program, called LightStay.

Hilton Worldwide claims to be the first major multi-brand hospitality company to make sustainability measurement a brand standard, and the company reported the following results:

  • 6.6 percent reduction of energy use
  • 19 percent reduction of waste output
  • 3.8 percent reduction of water use
  • 7.8 percent reduction of carbon output

LightStay measures multiple utility and operational metrics such as energy, water, carbon, housekeeping, paper product usage, waste, chemical storage, air quality and transportation. In addition, LightStay features a “meeting impact calculator” element that calculates the sustainability impact of any meeting or conference held at a property.

Hilton recently added new features to LightStay that allow hotels to track projects, share best practices and communicate with one another through a social network dashboard. Thus far, LightStay has more than 1,200 projects in the system, which is expected to double by next year, as all of Hilton’s more than 3,750 properties are required to begin using LightStay by this December.

“LightStay has provided us with a platform to measure hotel performance and economic improvement, proving to be invaluable given today’s increased operational demands and resource constraints,” says Christopher J. Nassetta, president and CEO of Hilton Worldwide.

By 2014, Hilton Worldwide is committed to reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions and waste output by 20 percent, as well as reduce water consumption by 10 percent from direct operations within the company’s owned hotels and corporate properties.

Over the next three years, Hilton says it will continue to invest in their owned assets to improve building performance. Projects will include the installation of energy-efficient chillers, boilers, motors, building automation systems, water reclamation systems, high-efficient windows and white roofs. The Hilton New York, for example, will be installing an onsite cogeneration system, which will offset 54 percent of its electrical needs and 33 percent of its thermal needs.

Hilton recently earned ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management Systems, achieving one of the largest ever volume certifications of commercial buildings.

via Branded Sustainability Measurement System Save Hilton $74 Million | Sustainable Life Media.

2 thoughts on “Branded Sustainability Measurement System Save Hilton $74 Million

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