The Green Sheikh is ECOFFEE’s worldwide Goodwill Ambassador

Following the meeting with the Green Sheikh (see “Amazing Meeting with the Green Sheikh”) we are very happy to inform all our readers that HH Abdulaziz bin Al Nuaimi, also known as the Green Sheikh, offered to become ECOFFEE’s Goodwill Ambassador worldwide and, as stated in an official letter,  to support ECOFFEE “wherever our activities will bring me, accordingly to your values and mission”.

The Green Sheikh is certain that ECOFFEE “will help our youth and entrepreneurs worldwide to approach what both of us decided to call sustainable entrepreneurship” and honoured us by considering ECOFFEE and Norman Cescut  “… as a gateway to be my representative in sustainability business”.

Our industry is experiencing a time of general change originated by the recent economic crisis and by new trends: sustainability and technological applications first. ECOFFEE integrates these new trends within a platform of services, products and projects that generate new jobs and a better future, starting with the idea that a more participatory, more accountable and sustainable shopping experience is the key for being able to spread the sustainability and responsibility culture.

This is why the Green Sheikh is supporting all our activities and services, whether they are for entrepreneurs willing to develop new concept stores or to create a franchising of ECOFFEE cafés. There are also many other projects to come, but we will disclose them later on.

In the meanwhile, the Green Sheikh has just come back from Brasil  where he supported the environmental cause, but before leaving he make a speech during a convention of Young Entrepreneurs, presenting the ECOFFEE project. A great speech that created enthusiasm and generated a strong interest, testified by the many requests that followed.

For those of you who would like to contact the Green Sheikh, please write to:

5 thoughts on “The Green Sheikh is ECOFFEE’s worldwide Goodwill Ambassador

  1. Dear Dr.Abdul Aziz,I’m so happy for you and I’m sure in the near future you will get a Nobel for having the higher level soul.

  2. Your Higness, I am so Happy for you! Congrats! Truly most deserving! You will make an amazing impact on the Global Platform. I will pray for you and wish you all the best and look forward to your achivements!

  3. What driving to do this, all comes from inside, which my faith is a major source of Enlightenment of sustainability way, that nature is Allah’s creation and a sacred space. He tells us this planet was built on trust and we are his stewards “khalifa” which is a role we must fulfill with commitment and responsibility. Gs

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