When Guerrilla marketing goes green

As we previously anticipated, the SIGEP event participants have been “bombarded” by ECOFFEE’s green guerrilla marketing actions. The events premises and central locations in downtown Riccione and Rimini have been decorated with ecofriendly graffiti by  Greengraffiti®.
ECOFFEE has chosen GreenGraffiti® because of its being a completely carbon neutral outdoor advertising media. With the help of a template and a high pressure water sprayer an advertising message is cleaned out of the dirt. The result is a high impact message and a cleaner street.  But ECOFFEE’s green guerrilla is not only sustainable: for each liter of water used to produce an expression, the GreenAdsBlue foundation invest in water harvesting projects and provide one liter of clean drinking water in regions where water is scarce.

The green “spraying” of the ECOFFEE logo, payoff and web address has raised great attention in all the passing by event participants – all curious about what was going on and what ECOFFEE was about and all praising its being sustainable and socially responsible.

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