How to add another plus to organic food: this is marketing!

We have always written about communication being the success key to sustainability in the retail business. Thanks to communication retailers can help consumers understand the real value of their efforts when it comes to sustainability: why they choose this product instead of the competitor one, why they are recycling, why they are preferably purchasing locally grown food and so on.

A post on Hive Health Media made me smile, considering it a great example of how to market organic food in a more appealing way. Everywhere, organic food is associated with “not that good-looking food that does not pollutes the Earth” concept. This might be not strong enough to convince the average consumer. But what about saying: “Buy organic and keep in a good shape”?. This was essentially the message broadcasted in that post. Three key points:

– The organic food at the supermarket is often 30-50% more expensive than standard food, doesn’t contain chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, hormones and antibiotics( This means is healthier and it is true  that consumers buy less because of the price, but in this case, less food means a better shape.)
– Organic food also helps detoxify the body and puts it in a state that makes it easier for the consumer to get in shape.
– As an added bonus, an overall sense of wellness will develop over time when consumers are living organic.

Obviously, there was some marketing in that post, not related to organic food though but to how to cook it, but this is a different story.

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