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Ben & Jerry’s Fair Tweets for World Fair Trade Day

May 14th is the World Fair Trade Day, the first global campaign for The Fair Trade movement connecting producers and customers around the world and is endorsed by WFTO.
Ben & Jerry’s, known for its activism, has just launched this great campaign. The video explains how the “Fair Tweets” campaign works, a very simple but effective use of Twitter to help promote the Fair Trade Day.  
Just download the Fair Tweets application from www.fairtweets.com and the unused characters in your tweets will be automatically create relevant messages, or better, “Fair Tweets”!

Gelati stores do not suffer from economic crisis

'Ice cream stores do not suffer from crisis, rather they are growing and reCourtesy of savethedate.itpresent a major job opportunity, especially for young generations'. This was stated at Sigep by Ferdinando Buonocore, the president of the Comitato Nazionale per la difesa e la diffusione del gelato artigianalethe (Italian National Committee for the defense of the artisanal ice cream industry). 'In the world – he added – there are 60 000 gelati store, of which only 32 000 in Italy'.
On March 9th there will be the third Ice Cream Day at the European Parliament in Strasbourg (ANSA)

Ben&Jerry last green initiative is so good

Ben & Jerry, the world famous ice cream brand now owned by Unilever, has just added a new initiative to its already consolidated sustainibility and responsability strategy. The company well know activism ranges from the Something’s Fishy campaing – fighting against genetically engineered animals for human consumption – to a HC freezers – less polluting and more efficients.

Their last initiative is about abandoning the brown eco-pints and unbleached carton and found a new, more sustainable solution.

Check out the whole, very intersting story at Inhabitat.