Norman Cescut

About me

I simply believe in what I do and I love to do it. I love traveling, both for business and pleasure. Meeting different people and cultures has always fascinated me, it enriches me. I love laughing, enjoying good food, my BBQ is highly appreciated by all of my friends. I love dancing and I love taking portraits. I’m in love with life.

This is my philosophy:                                                                                                              

Who’s masters of the art of living, does not make a distinction between work and leisure, body and soul, education and recreation, love and faith. S/he simply pursues the highest standards of excellence in anything s/he does; whether s/he is working or playing is for the others to decide. S/he always strives to do both at the same time.”

Here, my short profile:

– Owner & CEO at DESITA, the Italian Foodservice & Retail Consultancy Company working Internationally specialized in Design for Business.
– Vice President, National and International Coordinator of IREF Italia, the European Franchise & Partnership Network Organization.
– Ambassador to Italy for MENAFA, the Middle East and North Africa Franchise Association.
– Member of the Knowledge Tank at Know How Franchising, the International Franchise Academy.
– Speaker at: TEDx Milano, BIFEX Beirut, Franchising EXPO Dubai.
– Blogger: DESITA blog