Carlsberg Italia introducing a sustainable innovation: Modular 20

Last Sept.28th, Carlsberg Italia has unveiled in Milan- Italy, an innovative technology that will revolutionize the distribution of beer in the Ho.Re.Ca business.  It is called Modular 20 and allows you to tap your beer without using the traditional carbon dioxide tank, with no loss in taste and froth compactness. In addition, the beer is no longer contained in traditional steel drums, but in fully recyclable PET containers – designed and manufactured by Carlsberg – less bulky and lighter to be transported. The beer keeps the its natural level of carbon dioxide, it is easier to be tapped  and, once the container has been opened, its excellent quality lasts up to 31 days.

This new system was presented at the Carlsberg Drink Different area, the first temporary shop of the Danish brand – now closed. The conference, chaired by the Italian journalist Alessandro Cecchi Paone, was attended by the CEO of Carlsberg Italy, Alberto Frausin, by Fabio Iraldo, Research Director at the Institute of Economics and Politics of Energy and
Environment (Iefe) at the Bocconi University, Cosimo Finzi, a researcher at AstraRicerche,  and Luca Giaccone, editor of the Guida alle Birre d’Italia (Italy’s Beer Guide) of Slow Food.

According to studies conducted by the Bocconi University, PET containers, compared to steel ones, reduce energy use by 21%, gas emissions by 28% and even the hazardous waste generated is 47% less than that one created in the manufacturing process of steel containers. If the quantity of total Carlsberg beer distributed in 2010 was conveyed in Modular 20 containers, the energy saved would be equivalent to that required for illuminate a stadium for 2,696 football matches. The benefits are significant, to which we must add that PET containers are recyclable, speed up the service, improve logistics and the handling of shipments.

With Modular 20,  Carlsberg Italy is the first beer company worldwide to have achieved the Environmental Product Declaration, ranked now first in the sector thanks to this  sustainable innovation. (Source:

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