Where are the greenest ATMs? In Abu Dhabi!

We are always thought of sustainability in the retail business as related to  production-delivery-waste disposal. But what about the money that we currently use to purchase raw materials, pay delivery, purchase items? Is money really green?
We are not going to get into the sustainability of the “manufacturing process” of money. Not today.  But we are going to talk about how to make dispensing money the greenest ever.

This is what the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), the Number One Bank in the UAE, has done last January, becoming the first bank in the UAE to launch a solar-powered ATM. NBAD’s first solar ATM became operational at Al Bateen Branch in Abu Dhabi.

The NBAD’s green ATM, launched in cooperation with Apex Power Concepts, is powered by solar panels installed on the branch’s roof. The panels are connected to a circuit breaker board, which feeds a power controller where part of the collected energy is stored for the ATM’s night operation.
NBAD aims to eventually implement this solution in all NBAD branches as well as at stand alone offsite ATMs. The Bank has one of the largest branch and ATM network in the country with more than 110 branches and 429 ATMs all over the UAE.
“CSR at NBAD is a way of doing business. Therefore, we adopt methods and technologies that are aligned with this strategy,” said Ahmed Al Naqbi, the Head of Channels & Electronic Banking Services at NBAD. “In addition to delivering quality products and services, NBAD differentiates itself in the market by its corporate sustainability credentials.”

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