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Israel and Palestine

.… and then you pay a call to “there”, just to know how some friends feel like.

This is the answer I got:

israeli-palestinian-conflict“Well, we are all fine. Everything is normal here. Sunday night we had a big party with some friends to watch the final game of the Brazilian World Cup. We had fun. We are ok, don’t worry”.

It sounds a different world from the one you are used to hear from the TV, isn’t it? It sounds like nothing is happening, except normal life.

So please my friends, next time you share a video or a news about Israel & Palestine conflict just be sure to know what there is behind it and who made that video or news and why. Before you take a side, study the history and then try to know them personally on each sides. You will discover a lot of your own country life, city and even your neighborhood. Good and bad things are everywhere.

In that conflict there is much more politics then you think. It is not a religious problem, not only. And this it means that also YOUR politicians are guilty.

I’ve been “there”. I’ve been also in the countries that surrounds, where people look at “there” with hatred. I met those people and I’ve understood things. Not all but many.

People have friends on the other side, people have lovers on the other side. People don’t care about the race, about the religion. Not all but many.

So please, again, next time you think to share, like or post on the social media about that battered place, think twice and one more. Because it is easy to share but it is very difficult to recover a potential devastating butterfly effect.

Don’t take side if you don’t know but if you want take it just be with who wants to stop it!