At Babochki Anticafé, patrons pay by the minute

At Babochki Anticafé consumers pay nothing for their refreshments. Instead, they arebabochki anticafe 1 charged by the minute for the time they spend there.

The Concept

The concept is quite simple yet striking: customers pay one ruble and 50 kopecks for each minute they stay. Drinks and snacks, on the other hand, are free.

Aiming to create a space where consumers can relax and pursue their favorite diversions, the venue offers tea, coffee and desserts at no charge, and patrons can bring their own refreshments as well. An assortment of board games are on hand for entertainment, meanwhile, as are Xbox games, wifi and a cinema hall.

As in our ECOFFEE’s projects, the café (or Anticafé) has been designed as a place where conversation is central and where people can meet and spend time together – a place where people pay for entertaining themselves.

via Free food and drinks at Moscow café, where patrons pay by the minute | Springwise.

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