Whole Foods, Trade Joe’s and Apple ranked in the U.S. top 10

Trader Joe’s took the No. 5 slot with Apple coming in at No. 9. Other top 10 brands were Tom’s of Maine, Burt’s Bees, The Walt Disney Company, S.C. Johnson, Dove and Starbucks and Microsoft, which tied for No. 10. Consumers said that what makes a green brand is its commitment to green products, corporate actions and values. Other top attributes of green companies is the offer good value, are responsible and reliable, are trustworthy and care about their customers.

“When we analyzed the approach of the top ten brands companies, using our Esty Environmental Scorecard, it was clear that the winners achieve a product-value-information trifecta,” said Amy Longsworth, partner at Esty Environmental Partners. “The top brands offer clear price value through co-benefits: a great innovative product that meets my functional needs plus green attributes that meet my values needs. These companies also tend to have robust life-cycle insight and complete sustainability strategies across their value chains, which enable them to draw from rich experience and data for their consumer communications.”

The seventh annual Green Brands study polled more than 9,000 people in eight and was conducted by WPP agencies Cohn & Wolfe, Landor Associates and Penn Schoen Berland Associates, as well as independent sustainability strategy consulting firm Esty Environmental Partners.

The study also found that consumers’ appetite for green products has increased significantly over the past year, with special interest around environmental products in the auto, energy and technology sectors.

When it comes to current usage of green products or services, the 2011 study reveals that the household products and grocery categories have the highest consumer adoption rates in all countries except China, where packaged goods/beverages and personal care are the most used categories.

“We’re seeing a shift in the ‘In Me, On Me, Around Me’ mentality when it comes to purchasing green products,” said Russ Meyer, Chief Strategy Officer of Landor Associates. “Consumers have a good understanding of how green choices in personal care, food and household products directly affect their families, and they are now seeing benefits like costs savings that attract them to higher cost items like cars and technology.” (Source: GreenRetail decisions)

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