DESITA | Shop Concept Design & Consulting

International Foodservice Consultancy in Retail & Franchising specialized in shop concept design and sustainability.

The mission is to create unique distinguishing projects which are business generating, because a great shop design only does not necessarily lead to success. Beauty is for eyes, concreteness is for cashier.

The international experience gained over the years, is solid foundation to support the customer towards the realization of its store.

It’s imperative to create a winning concept in today’s market, saturated with competition, to ensure your chances of success.
You must make your customers aware of your business’s unique character, to stand out among the competitions.

Who’s master on the art of living don’t distinguish much between work and leisure, between his body and soul, his education and his recreation, his love and his faith.
He struggles to know what’s what.
He simply pursue high standards of excellence in anything he does, leaving the others to decide if he’s working or playing.
He, always thinks to do both at the same time.

showfood DEF_logo NERO2webIn 2008, DESITA created a brand named showfood to act as a sales exclusive agency within foreign countries of Italian catering equipment manufacturers.
This experience has allowed us to refine the technical know-how on equipment making it more accurate and professional contribution in the design phase.
Today showfood is undergoing a metamorphosis and is turning, for now, in an information portal for the foodservice world with 3 daily e-paper news divided into foodservice, franchising, food-bloggers and equipment approaching the market trusting that sharing is a value.

ECOFFEE logo neroIn 2010, DESITA has created ECOFFEE, the eco-friendly coffee shop project originated by the objective need and desire to create or reinforce consumer awareness, that even those smallest everyday gestures, like taking a coffee, can help to improve the quality of life of the individual, of the local community, of the nation and of the entire planet.
ECOFFEE subsequently became a sustainable entrepreneurship platform actively contribute to the creation of business practices in the retail-food sector which are both environmentally and socially sustainable for responsible and profitable investments becoming a special business tool for young entrepreneurs.

Please enjoy some of our projects:

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